Design Speaker Series

Event Identity, Print, Photography — Dropbox

DELIVERABLESIdentity system for Dropbox’s new Design Lecture Series; a global program designed to engage, inspire, and educate our community through a monthly lecture series.

MISSIONDevelop a flexible identity that embodies the Dropbox.Design principles of craft, joy, and experimentation. Carve a niche section within Dropbox.Design’s identity, that feels fresh and works as a standalone system. Showcase the featured speaker through a visual style that viewers come to recognize and associate with the series.

PRINCIPLESThe system was created with an extremely limited toolset of only line, color, shape, and space, with the intent to highlight the dynamic relationships between forms and type. The underlying structure of the grid is clear, and the repetition of 9 (columns or rows) threads a cohesive anatomy through all assets. These guidelines encourage an exploration of space via fundamental color theory. The result is a playful, minimalist and functional identity, that will grow and develop with the event series.

ROLES Identity Design & Photography
︎ Alison Yousefi

Identity Design: Anya Widyawati
Creative Direction: Jessica Svendsen

︎︎︎ Overview of identity guidelines

︎︎︎ Step-by-step application of guidelines to assets