Domino Wedding Issue

Interactive Microsite — Domino Magazine x Amazon

DELIVERABLESLanding page with six sub-sections, and three quizzes; each with three possible quiz results.

Develop a comprehensive Domino Weddings landing page that connects viewers to a range of wedding content. Showcase the bold editorial photography with a complementary color palette that guides viewers through the page. Create three quizzes that uses photography as the driving narrative tool. Design three possible quiz result pages, per quiz, that includes photos, copy, and suggested products.

Design & Site Construction w/ CEROS platform
︎ Alison Yousefi

Art Direction: Rachel Lasserre
Copy: Sophie Miura
Product Curation: Domino Editors

Ceros’s Best Quiz in their 2019 Ceros Awards; a review of all interactive and experimental content create using their platform. 

Interactive site here