Identity Refresh - Customer Files

 Identity System Update— Dropbox

DELIVERABLESGuidelines for the creation and role of Customer Files in Dropbox’s 2021 identity refresh.

MISSIONDefine the purpose of Customer Files in Dropbox’s identity refresh. Contextualize Customer Files in relation to the other visual tools in the identity system. Establish where Customer Files live within the See/Buy/Use framework of the identity refresh. Create detailed instructions on how to create assets with Customer Files. Define clear rules on correct and incorrect assets.

ROLES Design & Copy ︎ Alison Yousefi

Design & Copy: April Rosenstock
Creative Direction: Elizabeth Gilmore
Identity Framework: Team at COLLINS led by Ben Crick, and Brand Studio members Theresa Ma, Pedro del Corro, Gabrielle Matte, & Sydney Goldstein.

Dropbox’s updated identity strategy has placed customer stories and content back into focus.

Dropbox users act as a lens through which we tell stories about our products’ capabilities and purposes. Real customer files are used to enrich our customers’ stories and tie their experiences back to Dropbox products.

Customer Files act as the grounding agent of these stories, and keep the narrative based in real product interactions.

Customer files include photos, CAD files, sketches, 3D renderings, Paper docs, and photos.

Stylistic Principles

︎︎︎ Grounded

Customer files provide the details for a customer story. Specific and unpolished, they should reflect the WIP nature of life.

︎︎︎Simple and Bold

Customer files exist in small sizes in the UI and in See scenarios. Simple and bold visuals will stand out better when scaled down.

Content Principles

︎︎︎ Specific

A customer file should have special information that is pertinent to the customer.

︎︎︎ Contextual

Customer files relate directly to the customer photography that they accompany. Files further develop a narrative that is started with photographs, and they shape a more holistic view of our customers’ lives and how they use our products.

Customer Files and other visual elements 

︎︎︎ Photography

Customer photography can be paired with customer files to reinforce customers’ relationships with our products.

This pairing is best for telling a compelling and detailed customer story about how they use our products.

︎︎︎ Iconography

Adding an icon to a customer file can help emphasize the functionality being featured in the module. Icons should appear within a circle that uses the accent color of the module.

This pairing is best for conveying an activity, not necessarily a feature of the product.

︎︎︎ Product UI

If a communication includes a depiction of the product UI, you can show customer files within the interface to illustrate its functionality.

This pairing is best for telling a compelling and detailed customer story about how they use our products.