An engine for innovation, Multiple is bettering the lives of people with autism at scale by catalyzing the creation of new technologies for a neurodiverse world. Landscape partnered with Multiple to create a name, brand identity, and digital experience that uplift the autism community.

The brand identity balances optimism and urgency to captivate an audience of founders and investors alike. The new name for the organization, Multiple, speaks to both the myriad of experiences that define autism and the exponential impact of inclusive innovation. Brought to life by dynamic forms, a vibrant color palette, and a modern typographic system, the identity nods to both the exceptional range of innovation taking place within Multiple and the passion with which it is pursued. 

Multiple’s new website leverages the team’s deep expertise to signal confidence, clarity, and compassion. The result is a powerful resource for the many change-makers and risk-takers who are working together to expand the potential for people with autism to live great lives.


Identity, Design System, Microsite
Alison Yousefi

Creative Direction
Jessica Katona

Case Study Photography
Alison Yousefi & Ben Bloom

Brand New's “The Year in Review: The Best in Icons, Monograms, Wordmarks, and Mascots”